We build every kind of equipment suitable for resident or touring sports events, indoor or outdoor venues and provide sideline advertising systems such as scoreboards, infotainment, and fan engagement devices.

Maxi screens, Led displays and sports solutions

Informing, entertaining, coordinating, exciting: using Ledwalls technologies on sports events can improve both athlete’s and audience’s experience, offering unprecedented shows. 

Ferrari Next is the ideal technological partner to increase the value and importance of sports events, defining closer boundaries between the brand and sports fans. 

The experience gained in the field and the constant focus on the opportunities offered by new technologies allows us to plan innovative and custom solutions for the technical management of sports events.

We develop tailor-made projects for every kind of sports event, creating exclusive visual communication models aiming to valorize the event-related content, making it unique.

We provide professional equipment supply both in rental or full-service mode for advertising purposes or events management, as well as maxi screens, perimetral banners, LED screens or circular LED displays usable as scoreboards or communication support, digital signage, and sponsorship. 

Displays also come in handy for fan engagement, improving the supporters’ individual experience, strengthening the boundaries with their team, and including them in unforgettable moments. 

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Interaction, engagement and creativity merge with forefront technologies to grant your brand a perfect communication.

The Digital Retail Industry meets modern consumption patterns, offering the companies a new way to engage with final users.

Traditional advertising broadcasting systems. Dynamic and 3D installations. Indoor and outdoor facilities. Catching, engaging, and amazing LEDWALLS.

Catching experiences that trigger emotions and feelings and create exclusive moments to be shared on social networks to increase sales and brand reputation.

Resident and touring events planning. Indoor and outdoor venues with pop-ups, interactive installations, and gaming facilities.

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We create great projects for forward-looking clients. 

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