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From the real world to the virtual reality, from the stores to social media: Ferrari Next creates projects that turn into immersive experiences, to be lived and shared. This leads to a growth in sales as well as a positive image return for the brand.

From the stores to the virtual dimension: customers’ experiences are becoming immersive

Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality, and Virtual Reality are the new frontiers of a novel, immersive customer experience. That will promise an unprecedented buying experience. 

We use hardware that fits in the environment and forefront devices. The physical store will cast you on a parallel dimension that alters your space-time perception parameters.

Sounds, lights, and images rotate and transform the environment, setting up catching, entertaining, and emotional experiences. Users can perceive the uniqueness of the brand as they get actively involved in the virtual world experienced. They can interact with it, discover new content, and enrich their multisensory experience. 

Yet again, clients are the stars and their emotions guide them to gain greater awareness of the brand’s values and features.  Custom engagement becomes synonymous with innovation, entertainment, and delightful moments to share on social media. Thus, the brand gains visibility, enhancing reputation, identity, and increasing sales. 

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Interaction, engagement and creativity merge with forefront technologies to grant your brand a perfect communication.

The Digital Retail Industry meets modern consumption patterns, offering the companies a new way to engage with final users.

Traditional advertising broadcasting systems. Dynamic and 3D installations. Indoor and outdoor facilities. Catching, engaging, and amazing LEDWALLS.

Resident and touring events planning. Indoor and outdoor venues with pop-ups, interactive installations, and gaming facilities.

Case History

We create great projects for forward-looking clients. 

Here are some of our clients:

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Stone Island

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Moon Boot

Have you ever thought your unimaginable projects may come true? Let's talk about it!

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