Digital Retail Experience

The Digital Retail Industry meets modern consumption patterns, offering the companies a new way to engage with final users.

Digital Retail Solutions that improve customer experience

Our digital solutions enrich customers’ buying experience creating new ways to engage and interact.

Ferrari Next represents the ideal partner for technologically advanced communication tools supplying. We develop digital projects to identify a brand making it visible, aligned with our client’s concepts, and in partnership with architectural firms. We valorize every detail and offer tailored solutions where technology fits as a natural element. 

The visual impact is enhanced by video systems that overcome architectural limits offering high-quality graphic solutions perfectly integrated with the context.  The boundaries between physical and virtual stores thin out, products come out from the store landing to the final users, and retail distribution becomes more competitive.

The traditional concept of selling points is being disrupted, new ways to interact are becoming prominent, and the buying experience is turning into a more engaging and interactive journey, meeting customers’ values and needs.

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Interaction, engagement and creativity merge with forefront technologies to grant your brand a perfect communication.

Traditional advertising broadcasting systems. Dynamic and 3D installations. Indoor and outdoor facilities. Catching, engaging, and amazing LEDWALLS.

Catching experiences that trigger emotions and feelings and create exclusive moments to be shared on social networks to increase sales and brand reputation.

Resident and touring events planning. Indoor and outdoor venues with pop-ups, interactive installations, and gaming facilities.

Case History

We create great projects for forward-looking clients. 

Here are some of our clients:

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Armani AX

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Holographic displays

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