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Innovative ideas combined with a well-chosen technology may create exclusive visual representations: Ferrari Next provides supplying and setting up for dynamic, digital, 3D, and Out of Home advertising broadcasting systems. We create custom LED solutions for every project.

Creative flexibility that meets technological innovation

Ledwall is the prime device for our communication campaigns, being the ideal medium where technology and creativity combine.  

LED screens allow the creation of out-of-the-box advertising campaigns based on rotating images and videos that jump out of the screens catching the eye for a limited yet sufficient time to transmit a message.

Our installations stand out for their inventiveness and greatness, being as huge as a whole building. 

The front view scene is built on the basis of a prospective relation, defined by the high dynamic contrast, the gradual shift between angles and curves, and the constant image updating. 

The result is outstanding: our campaigns always get noticed and stand out from the crowd. 

We develop tailor-made projects for every client, creating exclusive campaigns that value the brand identity while being catchy, astonishing, and able to define a competitive advantage over the competitors.

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Interaction, engagement and creativity merge with forefront technologies to grant your brand a perfect communication.

The Digital Retail Industry meets modern consumption patterns, offering the companies a new way to engage with final users.

Catching experiences that trigger emotions and feelings and create exclusive moments to be shared on social networks to increase sales and brand reputation.

Resident and touring events planning. Indoor and outdoor venues with pop-ups, interactive installations, and gaming facilities.

Case History

We create great projects for forward-looking clients. 

Here are some of our clients:

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