Finance Partner

We offer our clients a choice between Operating and Financial Leasing Solutions. Therefore, you can decide whether to defer payments or make a forward-looking investment.

Custom bundles

Upon the expiry of the leasing contract, the client can decide whether to buy the devices, return them, or enter into a new contract providing the latest generation hardware. 

Rental solutions are the right choice if you prefer “all inclusive” formulas including installation, maintenance and insurance.

Finance solutions

Operating and Financial Leasing plans meet customer needs since:

Rental or Leasing Formulas? Which one should you choose?

More flexibility

More flexibility

Our clients can choose contract terms and payment due dates. They can also ask for possible payment deferrals.

Financial benefits

Financial benefits

All the goods not included in the budget, and the fees are 100% tax-deductible.

Eco-friendly vision

Eco-friendly vision

Making good use of your devices may help to reduce the environmental impact. If you keep using them, you can contribute to cutting carbon emissions needed to produce new devices

Rental and Leasing Formulas favor circular economy being eco-friendly

You can use our products several times until the natural end of their life cycle.

Thereby we can save the resources employed for the production of new devices, while the clients can still count on technologically advanced and high-quality products since the components are constantly checked and the damaged parts promptly replaced.


Electric and electronic products arriving at the end of their life cycle follow the RAEE disposal standards that guarantee the supply chain traceability.

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