Case Study

Maxi Billboards

Next has been collaborating with major advertising agencies in the area for several years, such as Acone, One, StreetVox, TMC, IGP Decaux, Vivenda, etc., handling the setup and dismantling of installations for traditional and 3D dynamic digital advertising, both INDOOR and OUTDOOR.


Acone, One, StreetVox, TMC, IGP Decaux, Vivenda


Out of Home


Digital Signage

Used technologies

Another service offered by Next is the rental of large surface area LED installations, with more or less complex installations, usually positioned on scaffolding to utilize the space as an advertising and communication medium.

This allows for a wide range of LED wall rentals, approximately 2,000 square meters, to be used for this purpose. The Next team also takes care of all the necessary authorizations (permits for occupying public space, installation permits for nighttime use, etc.) required to carry out the service.

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